Best Tanning Salon in the Edmonton area

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One of the amazing advantages of indoor tanning beds is the controlled emittance of UVA and UVB rays that are evenly distributed in each tanning session. Whether you are using one of our 200W KBL tanning systems or the 100W Corona tanning beds, our staff is able to effectively moderate your UV exposure based on the tanning potential of your skin type. This controlled exposure allows us to help you optimize the results of your tanning session and minimize your risk of burning. If you’re someone who struggles to achieve the bronzed skin of your dreams, or seem to burn no matter how often you apply sunscreen, don’t stop reading here- we can help!

Did you know that “[s]alons followinSunburn g [the Smart Tan] system are the leaders in our market in teaching sunburn prevention[?]” (Levy, 2018). It’s true! The moderated duration of your tanning session and the controlled UVA and UVB
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