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William Branham speaks about Music and exposes the work of the devil within the Churches under the name of religion. To give a visual illustration of what William Branham is talking about, a handful of examples of modern “Praise and Worship” is given that are representative for modern and contemporary christian Music, Praise and Worship.
Most (not all) songs that are presented in the video are performed by the people who wrote them, in order to show for what kind of “worship” and atmosphere they were designed.

The list of songs in the video:

1) Tu Fidelidad (Marcos Witt)
2) God is able (Deitrick Haddon)
3) How great is our God (Chris Tomlin & Others)
4) To the River (Brian Doerksen)
5) Alpha and Omega (Israel & New Breed)
6) Lord I lift your Name on High (Rick Founds & Others)
7) Let it Rain (Michael W. Smith)
8) Hallelujah (Hillsong)
9) Open the eyes of my hear Lord (Oslo Gospel Choir & Others)
10) 10.000 Reasons (Matt Redman)

The thoughtful and intent viewer can discover a lot of themes, patterns and motives in the composition and goal of these modern worship songs. Among them are:
– an easy, catchy tune
– a strong appeal to emotions (“the flesh”)
– melodies written for rhythms and rock ‘n roll instruments
– repetition of few words (superficial lyrics)
– the absence of biblical depth
– unconverted singers and songwriters
– commercial background
– designed for showmanship, entertainment and/or hollywoodesque carrying on

The list could be extended, however not every characteristic applies 100% to every song.

The danger behind these songs is manifold:

1) By having such a strong appeal to the emotions and being so catchy, the songs are likely to be sung over and over and over in churches and thus de facto replace “the good old songs”.
2) The songs are designed for an emotional and entertainment-driven “celebration of religion”, a so-called “worship of worship”, where the primary goal is to induce good feelings and NOT a true worship by heart in spirit and truth, although those who sing them might honestly want to do exactly that.
3) The songs call for a rhythm driven, rock music style kind of accompaniment, which in turn requires rock ‘n roll instruments. Introducing these kinds of songs in a Church will consequently lead to having such instruments in church.
4) The effect of the music is like a candy-bar. It fills and feeds for a short time and is even “sweet”, as it appeals heavily to the flesh. But just like the candy bar, it has no positive long-term spiritual impact, to the contrary it leads to a displacement of the kind of songs that really help the inner man worship and grow.
5) The songs build a bridge to the world. The music is so patterned after the rock n’ roll world that often the only difference is the lyrics – sometimes not even they. Listening to such music (at home) will have a sure impact on the “Holy Mans Taste”.

May God bless each viewer of the video.


Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you. – Luke 6:38

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