Celtic Irish Punk Rock Music – Compilation Part 3 – the best rock music

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Compilation of my favorite celtic punk rock songs, seems the best of all.

1.Fiddler’s Green – Leaving of Liverpool
2.Smokey Bastard – Archipelago 3:06
3.Happy Ol’ Mcweasel – Foggy Dew 8:12
4.Fiddler’s Green – The More The Merrier 11:47
5.Mr. Irish Bastard – Evil Ways 14:47
6.Ebunny – Russians 18:14
7.Smokey Bastard – Rats 20:19
8.Fiddler’s Green – Another Spring Song 24:00
9.Sir Reg – Emigrate 28:33
10.The Scarlet – Battlefield Requiem 32:38
11.Fiddler’s Green – Johny 35:59
12.Smokey Bastard – Mongrel 39:12
13.Firkin – Into the Night 44:33
14.Happy Ol’McWeasel – Not True 47:08
15.Fiddler’s Green – Shut Up And Dance 50:55
16.Ebunny – Old Castle 54:41
17.Smokey Bastard – Cheer Up, Love (Worse Things Happen At Sea) (Pt. III) 56:34
18.Sir Reg – Banquet for Dreamers 59:05
19.Fiddlers Green – Apology 1:01:55
20.The Fatty Farmers – Grandma’s Drug 1:07:08
21.Firkin – Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye 1:11:24
22.Smokey Bastard – Baba Yaga 1:14:03
23.Fiddler’s Green – Bugger Off 1:18:59
24.Hoist the Colors – So It Goes 1:21:31
25.Fiddler’s Green – Tam Lin 1:26:37
26.The Scarlet – Take the Wheel 1:29:23
27.Fiddlers Green – Mrs. McGrath 1:32:34
28.Sir Reg – Arrive On St. Patrick’s Day 1:35:31
29.Fiddler’s Green – Lost To The Moon 1:38:48
30.Smokey Bastard – Yuppie Dracula 1:42:39
31.Fiddler’s Green – Queen Of Argyll 1:46:19
32.Mr. Irish Bastard – Black Island Ferry 1:50:40
33.Scotch – Best Friend 1:54:24
34.Fiddler’s Green – All the Way 1:58:04
35.Ebunny – Celtic Morning 2:01:55
36.Fiddler’s Green – Bad Boys 2:03:55
37.Fiddler’s Green – Bretonix 2:06:48
38.Fiddlers Green – Change 2:10:38

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