Christian Music: Christian Instrumental Music (Contemporary Christian Music Instrumental Video)

Christian music. 1 hour of Christian instrumental music in style of contemporary Christian music instrumental.
Original music composed and recorded by Australian musician David Lewis Luong. Download this album here:

Featured in this contemporary Christian music instrumental video are:

Track 1: Wind rider (starts at 00:00)
Track 2: Beyond azure (starts at 3:22)
Track 3: Journey to redemption (starts at 7:54)
Track 4: Top of the sky (starts at 13:48)
Track 5: Legends of the sea (starts at 17:18)
Track 6: You’re all I need (starts at 23:12)
Track 7: Last wave to Bondi (starts at 26:42)
Track 8: Final countdown (starts at 30:05)
Track 9: Soaring high (starts at 33:26)
Track 10: Ocean’s heart beat (starts at 36:48)
Track 11: Finest hour (starts at 40:10)
Track 12: In the name of glory (starts at 42:28)
Track 13: Someday (starts at 57:34)
Encore starts at: 1:00:38

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