High Notes in Rock Music (C5-E5) – the best rock music

My video series continues, once again with more voices from across the globe. Different music, different styles and different voices, but a lengthy row of very great singers.

1. 0:00 – Erik Grönwall singing up to E5 on “18 and Life”. (Tenor)
2. 0:17 – Adam Lambert’s B4s and an ascend up to E5 from the Led Zeppelin cover “Whole Lotta Love”. (Tenor)
3. 0:40 – Bruce Dickinson’s C♯5 from “Flight of Icarus”. (Tenor)
4. 0:47 – Chris Cornell’s classic D5s from “Jesus Christ Pose”. (Baritone)
5. 1:38 – Jimmy Gnecco from the Ours fame singing up to E5 “Fallen Souls”. (Baritenor – a voice with very prominent qualities from both a baritone and a tenor)
6. 1:53 – Jeff Buckley’s D5 from a live version of “Dream Brother”. (Tenor)
7. 2:08 – Tim Buckley’s effortless C5s from “Down by the Borderline”. (Tenor)
8. 2:26 – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan singing around B4-D5 on Peter Gabriel’s amazing “Passion”. (Tenor)
9. 2:49 – Jeff Scott Soto ascending up to E♭5 on Yngwie Malmsteen’s “As Above, So Below”. (Baritone)
10. 3:05 – Bobby Kimball singing a C♯5, soon followed by an E5, on “Africa”. (Tenor)
11. 3:17 – Ian Gillan’s C5 from “Child in Time”. (Baritone)
12. 3:27 – James LaBrie vocalizing up to C♯5 and E5 on “Under a Glass Moon”. (Tenor)
13. 3:42 – Robert Plant’s” legendary vocals from “Black Dog”: melody centered around C5-E5. (Tenor)
14. 4:00 – Roger Taylor’s C5s – and a brief E5 – from the Led Zeppelin cover “Rock and Roll”. (Tenor)
15. 4:29 – Freddie Mercury’s classic D5 from “The Show Must Go On”. (Tenor)
16. 4:37 – Hansi Kürsch’s C♯5s and E♭5s from “Into the Storm”. (Baritenor)
17. 4:54 – Graham Bonnet’s C♯5s from “Breaking the Chains” by Blackthorne. (Baritenor)
18. 5:18 – Whitfield Crane’s E♭5 from “Madman (’92 Remix)”. (Baritenor)
19. 5:32 – Jon Bon Jovi’s C♯5 from “Bed of Roses”. (Tenor)
20. 5:42 – Ted Neeley’s vocalizing – centered around C♯5-E5 – from the Jesus Christ Superstar vocal challenge “The Temple”. (Baritone)
21. 6:22 – Steve Balsamo’s C5-to-E5 during a live performance of “Immortal”. (Tenor)
22. 6:37 – Lou Gramm’s live C♯5s during “Juke Box Hero”. (Tenor)
23. 6:59 – Steve Perry’s unparalleled vocals from “Mother, Father”: the melody centered around C5-E5. (Tenor)
24. 7:29 – David Coverdale’s climb up to E5 from “Still of the Night”. (Baritone)
25. 7:46 – Michael Jackson’s high notes – ranging from B♭4 to D5 – from “Dirty Diana”. (Countertenor/High tenor)
26. 8:02 – Meat Loaf’s vintage finale on “Bat Out of Hell”: C5s galore! (Meat Loaf)
27. 8:37 – Paul McCartney’s C5 from “Live and Let Die”. (Tenor)
28. 8:46 – Richard Page’s C5 from the live version of “Kyrie”. (Tenor)
29. 9:00 – Billy Gibbons’ unexpected melody singing from “Bad Girl”: the melody is centered almost solely on C5! Very impressive, considering that he’s very likely untrained and possesses a naturally very deep voice. (Bass)
30. 9:39 – Jared Leto’s singing up to D5s from “The Kill”. (Tenor)
31. 10:11 – Mike Patton’s climb up to C5 on “Star A.D.”. (Baritone)
32. 10:40 – Paul Stanley’s glorious D5s from “God Gave Rock ‘n’ Roll to You II”. (Tenor)
33. 11:14 – Michael Anthony’s C5s (and B5s!) from the demo version of “Somebody Get Me a Doctor”. (Tenor)
34. 11:37 – Eddie Vedder’s furious D5s from the tribute cover of The Who’s “Love Reign O’er Me”. (Baritone)
35. 12:08 – And the same passage from the original, sung by Roger Daltrey himself! A semitone higher, meaning that Roger screams E♭5s. (Baritone)
36. 12:37 – Geddy Lee’s feminine E5s from “The Twilight Zone”. (Countertenor/High tenor)
37. 13:03 – Axl Rose’s climb up to F5 in “Think About You”. (Baritone)
38. 13:16 – James Christian’s huge D5 from “Down, Down, Down”. (Baritenor)
39. 13:26 – Dave Bickler’s C5 from “Eye of the Tiger”. (Tenor)
40. 13:37 – Serj Tankian’s maniacal singing around B4-C5 from “Chic ‘N’ Stew”. (Baritone)
41. 13:47 – Geoff Tate’s E5s from “Revolution Calling”. (Baritone)

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