High Notes in ‘Rock Music’ – F5-A5 (Version 2.0) – the best rock music

1. 0:00 – A powerful F5 from the song “Like a Ritual”, sung by Kip Winger. (A tenor)
2. 0:12 – Lou Gramm and an F5 from “Heartache”. (A tenor)
3. 0:17 – “Streets of Fire” and a sustained F5 by Jeff Scott Soto. (A baritone)
4. 0:23 – A clean F5 by Robin Stjernberg, the song is called “On My Mind”. (A tenor)
5. 0:28 – An F5 from “Nightmare Avenue”, sung by Klaus Meine. (A tenor)
6. 0:34 – “Blood Red Skies” and a sustained F5 by Rob Halford. (A tenor)
7. 0:42 – Steve Walsh and an F5 off the song “Rat Race”. (A tenor)
8. 0:46 – An F5 by Jesse Cash from the song “Heart”. (A tenor)
9. 0:55 – A lenghty F5 by Matt Barlow from “Year of the Phoenix”. (A baritone)
10. 1:06 – A F♯5 by Sebastian Bach, the song is called “Monkey Business”. (A tenor)
11. 1:14 – An F♯5 off the song “Stand Up for Rock ‘n’ Roll”, sung by Joel O’Keeffe. (A tenor)
12. 1:23 – Myles Kennedy and a F♯5 from “Words Darker Than Their Wings”. (A tenor)
13. 1:36 – An F♯5 by Jimmy Barnes from the tune called “Change of Heart”. (A tenor)
14. 1:41 – An F♯5 by Dan Arlie from the song “Backdoor Romeo”. (A baritone)
15. 1:47 – Peter Sundell and an F♯5 from “New Beginning”. (A tenor)
16. 1:51 – The classic high note passage from “Learning to Live”, James LaBrie climbs up to an F♯5. (A tenor)
17. 2:03 – Paul McCartney and some crazed E♭5s and F♯5s from “Monkberry Moon Delight”. (A tenor)
18. 2:20 – Toshi Deyama and an F♯5 during a live performance of “I.V.” (A tenor)
19. 2:33 – An F♯5 by Paul Stanley from the live performance of “Detroit Rock City”. (Oslo, 1988) (A tenor)
20. 2:36 – A powerful F♯5 by Ted Neeley, the song is called “Blood on Your Hands”. (A baritone)
21. 2:44 – A huge F♯5 by David Readman off the song “Seven Lands of Sin”. (A tenor)
22. 2:54 – A wonderful F♯5 by Spencer Sotelo from “Ragnarok”. (A tenor)
23. 3:03 – A blistering F♯5 by Yama-B from “The Awakening”. (A baritenor)
24. 3:10 – A lenghty F♯5 off the song “絆” by Masatoshi “Sho” Ono”. (A tenor)
25. 3:22 – “The Last Supper” and a F♯5 by Steve Balsamo. (A tenor)
26. 3:32 – Probably my favourite high note passage here, earthshattering high notes (topping at G5) by Graham Bonnet from “White & Perfect”. (A baritenor)
27. 3:52 – A G5 by Hansi Kürsch from “Road of No Release”. (A baritenor)
28. 3:57 – A G5 by Brian Johnson from “Shoot to Thrill”. (A baritone)
29. 4:02 – Robert Plant and a G5 from the live version of “How Many More Times”. (Gonzaga University, 1968) (A tenor)
30. 4:10 – “Lie to Me” and a lenghty falsetto G5 by Chris Isaak. (A baritone)
31. 4:23 – A G5 by Mark Boals” from the song called “Fight Again”. (A tenor)
32. 4:32 – Little Richard and a G5 off the song “Just a Lonely Guy”. (A tenor)
33. 4:37 – “Welcome Back” and a G5 by Daniel Heiman. (A tenor)
34. 4:41 – Michael Kiske and a G5 from “Starlight”. (A tenor)
35. 4:54 – A sustained G5 by Axl Rose from the live performance of “Welcome to the Jungle”. (Pittsburgh, 2002) (A baritone)
36. 5:04 – A G5 by Daniel Gildenlöw from “Enter Rain”. (A baritone)
37. 5:11 – A live cover of Pantera’s “Shattered”, Leo Jiménez goes up to an F♯5, briefly touching a G too. (Spain, 2009) (A tenor)
38. 5:21 – Singing up to G5 by Chris Cornell from the live performance of “Slaves & Bulldozers”. (Seattle, 1992) (A baritone)
39. 5:35 – Wicked wailing up to G5s by Adam Lambert from the live performance of “Born to Be Wild”, originally by Steppenwolf. (American Idol, 2009) (A tenor)
40. 5:50 – A G5 by Mickey Thomas off the song “Somebody to Love”. (A high tenor)
41. 5:55 – “Lavatory Love Machine” and a G♯5 by Tobias Sammet. (A tenor)
42. 5:58 – A G♯5 by Mike Patton, the song is called “Mr. Nice Guy”. (A baritone)
43. 6:02 – A sustained G♯5 by Mike Matijevic from “Can’t Stop Me Loving You”. (A tenor)
44. 6:10 – G♯5 from “A.F.U. (Naturally Wired)” by Sammy Hagar. (A tenor)
45. 6:18 – “High Wire” and a G♯5 by Ray Gillen. (A tenor)
46. 6:24 – Live performance of “Savior’s Call” with some singing around G♯5 by Rob Rock. (A tenor)
47. 6:29 – Some fabulous A5s by Ken Tamplin from the song “Livin’ for My Lord. (A baritone)
48. 6:44 – An A5 by Mike Tirelli, the song is called “Out of the Blue”. (A tenor)
49. 6:51 – Jarkko Ahola and a sustained A5 off the song “Myrskyntuoja”. (A tenor)
50. 6:59 – Few A5s by Ian Gillan from the song “Abbey of Thelema”. (A baritone)
51. 7:12 – Akira Ishihara and an A5 from “Love’s Lost in Time”. (A tenor)
52. 7:17 – An A5 from “Arcaedion”, sung by Teo. (A tenor)
53. 7:28 – An incredible portamento by Eric Adams from “Dark Avenger”, which goes up to an A5. (A baritone)
54. 7:41 – A climatic passage from “Broken” with Jimmy Gnecco gliding up to a strained, full F5, and a falsetto A5. (A baritenor)
55. 8:12 – Finally some beautiful falsetto singing by Moto Boy from “Ave Maria”, he hits several A5s. (A tenor)


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