High Notes in ‘Rock Music’: G4-B4 (Version 2.0) – the best rock music

1. 0:00 – G4s from “Creep” by Scott Weiland. (A baritone)
2. 0:09 – A sustained G4 by Jarle Bernhoft from the live performance of “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”. (A baritone)
3. 0:20 – A G4 by Rob Halford from “Visions”. (A tenor)
4. 0:25 – Brolle Jr. sings an Elvis-esque G4 from the cover of “Unchained Melody”. (A tenor)
5. 0:32 – A beautiful sustained G4 (and a brief G♯4 before it) from “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, sung by Art Garfunkel. (A tenor)
6. 0:43 – A very powerful G♯4 by Layne Staley from the demo version of “Junkhead”. (A tenor)
7. 0:52 – “I Must Go” with a G♯4 by Lindsey Buckingham. (A tenor)
8. 0:59 – One of my favourites, a sustained G♯4 by Richie Sambora from “Mr. Bluesman”. (A baritone)
9. 1:06 – Tom Jones and an A4 from “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again”. (A baritone)
10. 1:10 – An A4 from “Can’t Find My Home” by James Christian. (A baritenor)
11. 1:18 – A powerful A4 by Zubin Varla from “Heaven on Their Minds”. (A baritenor)
12. 1:27 – A sustained A4 by Matt Bellamy from “Sing for Absolution”. (A tenor)
13. 1:33 – Jon Crosby and A4s from “Lift Me Up”. (A baritone)
14. 1:39 – Brendon Urie and a sustained A4 from “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”. (A tenor)
15. 1:48 – An A4 from “Freedom ’90” by George Michael. (A tenor)
16. 1:53 – “Behind the Crimson Door” and a rough A4 by Ville Valo. (A baritone)
17. 2:01 – An A4 by Matt Barlow from Caramon’s Poem”. (A baritone)
18. 2:10 – A sustained A4 by M. Shadows from “Save Me”. (A baritone)
19. 2:18 – A lenghty A4 (and a short B♭4) from “The Deepest Blues Are Black” by Dave Grohl. (A tenor)
20. 2:30 – A B♭4 by Gary Cherone from “Left for Dead”. (A baritenor)
21. 2:40 – A B♭4 by Brent Smith from “Second Chance”. (A baritone)
22. 2:46 – Chad Kroeger and a B♭4 from “This Means War”. (A baritone)
23. 2:51 – A B♭4 from “Healing Waters” by Richard Page. (A tenor)
24. 2:56 – A B♭4 by Jon Bon Jovi from “Santa Fe”. (A tenor)
25. 3:04 – “Through Glass” and a B♭4 by Corey Taylor. (A baritone)
26. 3:08 – Freddie Mercury and a B♭4 from a live vocal improv. (Montreux, ’86) (A tenor)
27. 3:14 – “Mr. Moonlight” and a B♭4 by John Lennon. (A baritone)
28. 3:19 – A B♭4 by Jeff Scott Soto from the cover of “Shot in the Dark”, originally by Ozzy Osbourne. (A baritone)
29. 3:24 – An B♭4 by Ozzy Osbourne from “Killer of Giants”. (A tenor)
30. 3:28 – A B♭4 from “Planemo” by Mike Patton. (A baritone)
31. 3:34 – A B♭4 from “Bargain”, sung by Roger Daltrey. (A baritone)
32. 3:40 – A lenghty B♭4 from “You Are Not Alone” by Michael Jackson. (A high tenor)
33. 3:54 – An extremely impressive operatic B♭4 by Jackie Wilson, the song is called “My Empty Arms”. (A tenor)
34. 4:01 – A glorious B♭4 (with a couple of trills up to B) by Graham Bonnet from the acoustic live performance of “We Won’t Be Forgotten”. (A baritenor)
35. 4:12 – An operatic B4 by Elvis Presley from the live performance of “Rags to Riches”. (Pittsburgh, ’76) (A baritone)
36. 4:19 – “Life Fades Away” and a B4 by Roy Orbison. (A tenor)
37. 4:27 – A sustained B4 by Thom Yorke, the song is called “You”. (A tenor)
38. 4:39 – “Holding Back the Years” and a B4 sung by Mick Hucknall. (A tenor)
39. 4:45 – A B4 from “Dizzy”, the vocalist of Jimmy Gnecco. (A baritenor)
40. 4:50 – Gotye and a B4 from the chorus of “I Feel Better”. (A tenor)
41. 4:58 – Two dramatic B4s from “Can’t Let You Go”, sung by Joe Lynn Turner. (A baritenor)
42. 5:08 – A B4 by Jacoby Shaddix from the acoustic version of “No Matter What”. (A tenor)
43. 5:16 – The live cover of The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” with a B4 sung by David Cook. (A baritone)
44. 5:25 – A lenghty B4 by Robert Plant from “The Lemon Song”. (A tenor)
45. 5:34 – Paul Stanley and a sustained B4 from “Exciter”. (A tenor)
46. 5:44 – A B4 from “Everything’s Alright”, sung by John Farnham. (A tenor)
47. 5:53 – Michael Bolton and a great sustained B4 from “Can’t Turn It Off”. (A baritenor)
48. 5:59 – A powerful B4 from “Draw Me” by Tony Kakko. (A baritenor)
49. 6:07 – A trembling homage to Jim Morrison: Peter Steele and a sustained B4 from “Blood & Fire. (A bass)
50. 6:16 – “Long Before Rock ‘n’ Roll” and a B4 by Björn Dixgård. (A tenor)
51. 6:24 – A B4 by James Hetfield from “The Unforgiven III”. (A baritone)
52. 6:30 – A B4 from “Gasoline” by Chris Cornell. (A baritone)
53. 6:37- Glenn Danzig and a B4 from “Not of This World”. (A baritenor)
54. 6:44 – A strong B4 from “Shifter” by Daniel Brecher. (A tenor)
55. 6:50 – Finally, an impressive clip with Andrew Mailloux and a high passage from “Omega”, topping at B4. (A tenor)


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