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The Most Beautiful Song “Karuna Ka Sagar…” Album By Yahweh. Mr. Jino Kunnumpurath who has prepared thousands of super hit songs and released corresponding music albums for these songs is now coming out with a new venture by releasing a Hindi Devotional Song named β€œYAHWEH”.
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For the Album Yahweh 1st Song :

Direction & Produced by – Jino Kunnumpurath
Lyrics, Music and Singer – Ashish Bagh
DOP – Jobin Kayanad
Editing and DI – Mendos Antony
Music Programmed, Arranged and Mixed by – Jovey George Sujo
Guitar Session – Santhosh Chandran
Final Mastered by Nikhil Kakkochan
Studios- NHQ Kochi, Freddy’s AVG Kochi
Sound Engineer: Nishanth B T
Co-Artist: Mr. Roy Nag, Mr. Khekto Sema, Mr. Joyal Nag
Special Thanks to: Jobin Thomas Kawait, Ps. Stella Lama- Assam
Thanks To: Divine Grace Home Fellowship-Union Church (Margheritha), Assam
Location Guidance: Shafimon Kuwait, Robinson-Meghalaya
Banner: Zion Classics

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