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This piece of rock music is royalty free content that is no copyright and is available to download for free! Enjoy the awesome guitar.

THANKS FOR WATCHING! It means a lot to us at WHAT Pictures for you to watch our no copyright content so again thank you very much. We try our best to deliver the best content that we can which includes short films, online shows and royalty free content for you to enjoy and to use in our aim to help you also create your own content or just to entertain you.

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We are growing to become the best place online to get all the tools you need to make whatever content you want to make. If you want to make films, online shows, gaming channels, vlogs, trailers or even your own comedy sketches, then this is the place to subscribe to! Most people have trouble finding no copyright content to put in their videos otherwise their videos may get taken down and remain unshown to the world. With no copyright music just the start of the library, with royalty free images, royalty free videos, stock footage, moving backgrounds, copyright free songs, background music and much more soon to come, WHAT Studios will be the biggest, best source online to get all the free content you need to make the things you want to make.

This piece of music, as is all music in the WHAT Pictures Royalty Free Content Collection, is free to use in any project that you need to use it for. Not all royalty free music can be used in specific projects, so remember to do your research when it comes to using royalty free content. However this piece of music is completely free, just remember to credit the artist who is at the bottom of the description as fair use of their work and to help promote the artists piece of work you have used.

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Yeah Yeah by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash


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