Song Writing – Christian Music – A Happy Christian Song for Children

This a short childrens song that Paul Hughes and I put together. Paul Actually Performs it live at school and the Children love to join in. It has a good feel to it that Children like. Happy Childrens Christian Song. Fun Childrens Christian Song. Sing along Childrens Christian Song. A Happy Childrens Song. God loves HIS children. Christian Music. Christian music for KIds. Christian music for children. Kids song. Christian Kdis song. Christian songs. Christian Music For Children. Music For Christian Children. Christian Childrens Music. Christian Childrens songs, Christian Childrens Song. A happy song for Children. Childrens Christian Sing Along. Jesus. A happy Christian Song. Christian Music for Children. Christian Music for Youth. Christian Music for Teenagers. Christian Music For Babies. Christian Music with Music.For. For. For. With. With. with. Nice songs for children. Christian Music


And as for you, be fruitful and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth and multiply in it. – Genesis 9:7

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