VA – Hava Narghile Turkish Rock Music 1966-1975 60s Music Compilation Anatolia Middle East – the best rock music

Label:Bacchus Archives

Turkish Rock Music – 1966 to 1975

1 Siluetler – Lorke-Lorke (Turkey) 00:00
2 Kaygisizlar – Short Circuit (Turkey) * 02:18
3 Haramiler – Camlica Yolunda (Turkey) 04:57
4 Yabancilar – Agit (Ankara, Turkey) 07:22
5 Baris Manco & Kaygisizlar – Flower Of Love (Turkey) * 11:16
6 Cagrisim – Divane Gonlum (Turkey) * 14:05
7 Baris Manco & Kaygisizlar – Trip (Fairground) (Turkey) * 19:10
8 Mogollar – Berkay Oyun Havasi (Istanbul, Turkey) * 22:15
9 Grup Bunalim – Basak Saclim (Turkey) * 25:57
10 Uc Hurel – …Ve Olum (Turkey) * 28:59
11 Koray Oktay – Vefasiz Dost (Turkey) * 32:39
12 Melih Faruk Serdar Saygun – Gurbet Acisi (Turkey) * 35:27

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