VA – Tsunami Attack!! Vol.2 – Japanese Garage Rock’n’roll Music Punk Compilation Full Japan – the best rock music

Label:Vivid Sound ‎
Released:16 Jun 2010

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Interesting overview of Japanese “Modern” Garage underground scene from 90’s and 00’s. Almost 50 trax of Garage Punk, Beat, Rockabilly & Mod revival stuff executed in killer kamikaze style. You better 掘る!!!


1 –Great 3 No Stopping 00:00
2 –The Mutant Monster Beach Party Chilly Willy Baby 01:58
3 –Charlie And The Hot Wheels* G.T.O 06:32
4 –Mabo & The 5,6,7,8’s Great Balls Of Fire 08:30
5 –Hows And The Madmen Bloody Mary 11:08
6 –The Go-Devils That’s Alright 13:39
7 –Theee Bat Teenage Letter 15:38
8 –The Feminine Breathless 18:24
9 –Los Rizlaz Puppet 20:40
10 –The Fly And His One Man Garbage Pick Up Your Litter 22:39
11 –The Mighty Moguls Old Mac Molly’s Farm 24:40
12 –Jackie And The Cedrics Scalping Party 27:03
13 –Mach Kung-Fu Phycho 29:36
14 –The Great Mongoose Ichi-I-Bon #1 31:43
15 –The Titans Wild Guy 34:08
16 –Arabasha Bremen 荒馬車学園 37:43
17 –Hell-Racer Monster Beach 40:07
18 –The Rizlaz Boogie Woogie Feeling 42:46
19 –The Drexel You Can See My Soul In Rock’n Roll 45:05
20 –The Stompin’ Riffraffs Horror Show 46:58
21 –Bobby’s Bar Weirdmen’s Jungle 48:49
22 –Saturns Green Sleeves 51:40
23 –Hurt Boys Cross Of Iron 55:07
24 –Mad 3 Mad Viker 57:55

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